Create Your Own Faucet


There Is A Lot Of Ways Making Money

And Even You Can Do It

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Do you want to create your own Bitcoin Faucet and you don’t know how ?
Do you want to drive traffic to your website or just make money ?
I would like to show you how to install your own bitcoin faucet.


Why should you own A Bitcoin Faucet ?

That is very good question. Even you will give away small amount of bitcoins, you can use your faucet to make a lot of money in return. Your faucet will be visited by people who are looking to make money. They want to get Bitcoin, even if it is a small amount. They will visit your site multiple times. And here is why it’s great: they will see your ads. Whatever ads you want to display, you will guarantee that they will be seen by a large audience.

How much I can earn with Faucet ?

I started my Faucet in November 19th 2013. I created google adsense account during the first week and here are my results after first month:



Are You Ready To Get Started?

Are you tired from clicking to bitcoin faucets ? Trust me, I was on the same. If you are like most of people, you are trying to get bitcoins from many faucets. But you are clicking and in your wallet is still very small amount of bitcoins.
In the past it was very hard to start with new faucet, because no source code was available. For ordinary people with no technical knowledge it was impossible to build one. Therefore I am glad to present you new solution. I am administrator of several faucets and I helped a lot of people to start theirs first faucet. I got a lot of knowledge during 3 years.
My newest solution helps you to create faucet in 5 minutes and you can start earning money immediately. This is the first and full solution for faucet creation. You don’t need to buy or setup anything else like database, web hosting etc. This is all in one product. Let me show you demo faucet. You can have exactly same or even better faucet.
Here are three advantages of this product.
1. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge about programming, databases.
2. You can start your own faucet in 5 minutes.
3. I will show you three most important ways how to monetize the website and start earning money immediately. Your investment can be back in one day.


The response from people is owesome:
I have learnt so much knowledge of creating website from you,thank you !
I have understood now everything, thank you !
Finally first complex solution :)
It’s awesome I can run my own faucet
Are you ready to go ? You are probably curious about price. Can you imagine how much you can pay for webhosting (around 36 dollars yearly), for database, for programmer to create a faucet ? You can find some offers on internet that cost more than 0.08 BTC.
Nevertheless, I wanted to create all in one product that can buy anybody. Since I am presenting today this new offer, price of this product is very low. You can get now your own faucet only for 0.02 BTC. This offer is limited only to first 100 people. Don’t wait until price is increased and buy it today !
If you are ready to start earning money today, just click to buy button to purchase your faucet. If you complete your faucet and don’t earn any single satoshi in 30 days I will give you money back. Finally stop clicking to faucets and create yours. In few minutes you can earn more than you earn from faucets in one week.
Click to buy button and start now !


You Are Very Close To Get All In One Solution

Here’s What You’ll Get:

1. Webhosting with MySQL database for your faucet and webpages. SOMETHING.ONECLICKFAUCET.COM
2. Captcha service (the user needs to retype letters from image to receive bitcoins)
3. Installed Faucet that uses free FaucetBox script. Payments to people are processed automatically.
4. Step by Step Manual how to create faucetbox account and set the faucet payout to your preffered amount.
5. Your faucet will be visible in list of faucets. People will start visiting your faucet immediately.
6. Three Secret ways how to monetize your faucet and start earning money immediately.
7. Coupon to buy your own .COM domain just for €0.99